One puppy available from late Jan. 2016 litter!

SMM Australian Shepherds
Susan & Megan Motter Cooperstown, ND
psmotter@mlgc.com * (701)797-3508



(CH Porter's Hotshot x Porter's Reno)
ASDR Registered ~ Whelped 11/5/10
13 1/2" ~ Black Tri Male ~ Brown Eyes ~ 3/4 Collar

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"After a long and careful search for an excellent quality black tri toy male suitable for our merle females, we are excited to announce the addition of SMM William to our aussie family in November of 2010. Will arrived from Oklahoma in January of 2011. He is a beautiful boy with an absolutely playful and loving personality.  Will has such a happy personality & is always game for a car ride to town or playing in the yard. We expect some top quality, beautifully marked and very lovable puppies from Will in the future.  His first 2 litters of beautiful puppies arrived 12/29/12 & New Year's! They were all sold to wonderful homes in:  North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Idaho & Alaska!  Will's 2nd sets of puppies were born the summer of 2013 and were sold to loving new homes in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Wyoming, New Hampshire & Massachusetts."


SMM Allison
(Gentry's Green Eyes x MYA Brown Eyed Girl)
ASDR Registered
13 3/4" red merle female ~ 1 Blue Eye/1 blue & amber eye ~ Full White Collar

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     "After admiring many of the mini and toy Aussies we were seeing at horses shows, we purchased our first toy Australian shepherd, SMM Allison,  in August of 2008. Allie has stolen our hearts with her incredible love of people, her willingness to please and her amazing agility.  She is our "teacher's pet" and like all of our aussies, she loves us unconditionally:) We hope to focus on raising quality, loved & pampered toy Australian shepherds for family pets and companions, as well as potential agility competitors.  Allie had her 1st litter of William puppies on New Year's day 2013.  She had 3 girls (2 black tris & 1 blue merle) and 1 black tri boy that sold to loving homes in Alaska, Wisconsin & Michigan.  Allison has had her 3rd litter of puppies, 3 beautiful black tri toy aussie puppies (1 female, 2 males), born July 8th, 2013! These puppies have been sold to new loving homes in North Dakota.  We may try raising 1 more litter with her in 2016, then retire her."


(Linderlands Ashes In The Win Arastya x MercyMe Gia's Brushstroke Vierra)
ASDR & NAMASCUSA registered - Whelped 12/7/10
13 1/2 " - Blue Merle Female - Both Eyes Blue - 3/4 Collar

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     "In May of 2011 we added this beautiful blue merle female to our family of toy aussies. Miley is a picture of quality & color wrapped up in a small package.  She is a very kind & loving girl. Miley loves to play & she is fast!  Miley's very first litter of puppies from SMM Prince William were born 12/29/12 (2 black tris & 2 blue merles)! They found their new forever loving homes in Minnesota, North Dakota & Idaho.  Miley delivered her 2nd litter of William puppies on 7/15/13! She had 7 puppies, 4 blue merles (2 females, 2 males) & 3 black tri females. These beautiful puppies have all been sold to Massachusetts New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North Dakota and Kansas.  Miley final litter of puppies have just been born February 5, 2015.  She has presented us with a litter of 6 toy aussie puppies: 4 blue merles (2 boys, 2 girls) and 2 black tris (1 boy, 1 girl).  We are now accepting deposits on these lovable beauties.  This litter was all sold.  Miley has been AI'd to William on Nov. 26 & 28th, 2015. She has been confirmed pregnant by ultrasound on Christmas Day so we will be expecting a litter of toy aussie puppies the last week of January 2016!  This will be Miley's final litter.  She will be retired to a life of leisure."

Expected Litters 2016:

* We had a litter of 3 toy aussie puppies born January 30 2016!


SMM Prince William x Vierra Miley SMM

PUPPY UPDATE 5/5/16:   The male puppies have now traveled to their new homes at Bismarck, ND & North Carolina! We do still have available our female black tri puppy, SMM Lucy.  She has now had her 1st & 2nd vaccinations & deworming at the vet clinic, plus had their 1st bath on 3/18/16. Lucy is taken outside to play daily (weather permitting) and is leading well in her harness. She is eating puppy food well and comes with a bag of Science Diet puppy food, potty tray & pads, & food/water dishes. Email us if you are interested in her: psmotter@mlgc.com This is Miley's final litter. She has raised many beautiful toy aussie puppies for us which have found wonderful homes in many US states (including Alaska) as well as the Bahamas!

* Puppies' 3rd video:  Miley puppies (filmed 3/26/16)

* Puppies' 2nd video:  Miley puppies (filmed 2/25/16)

* Puppies' 1st video:  Miley puppies (filmed 2/14/16)


FOR SALE: black tri mini female
SMM Lucy  -  pet price $800

SOLD!  blue merle male

SOLD!  black tri male

CONTRATULATIONS to Amber of Bismark, North Dakota
 on her purchase of the blue merle male!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bryan & Katy of Concord, North Carolina
on your purchase of the black tri male puppy, your 2nd SMM toy aussie!

* Still available, pet price $800:
             SMM LUCY - black tri female (lovable, brown eyes, almost full collar).               Only loving, lifelong indoor homes need apply.  Inquiries invited.

Puppies Sold 2015:

   6 Toy Aussie Puppies Have Arrived on Feb. 5, 2015 from:
SMM Prince William Vierra Miley SMM

* Click to see the puppies 1st video filmed March 10, 2015:
Toy Aussie Puppies (3/10/15) - 1st time outside!

* Click to see the puppies 2nd video filmed March 23, 2015:
Toy Aussie Puppies (3/23/15) - 2nd video

Congratulations to Melanie Darville of the Bahamas!

Blue Merle Female 1

* both eyes blue
* full collar
3.8 lbs at 6 weeks

She is a stunning girl, both eyes blue & full collar. Likely will mature mini size.
*potty & harness training
12.4 lbs at 12 weeks

Brady & Jessica Weber
Linton, North Dakota

Black Tri Female

* rt eye blue,  lft eye brown
* full collar
3.2 lbs  at 6 weeks

Peter & Cindy Brandjord
Green River, Wyoming

Blue Merle Male 1

* rt eye blue
* lft eye greyish/blue
* full collar
3.8 lbs at 6 weeks

Bradley & Marissa Rayburn; Minot ND

Blue Merle Male 2

* both eyes blue
* 3/4 collar
7 lbs at 9 weeks
so handsome & lovable!

Congratulations to
Brian & Alison Fiala!
Grand Forks, ND
Black Tri Male 
      * minimal white         * brown eyes
5 lbs at 6 weeks
* These are beautifully colored, nicely marked puppies.
* Loving, longterm indoor homes required!  Puppies may travel to new homes now.  They will come with a puppy startup kit including: bag of puppy food, 2 dishes, potty tray & bag of puppy pads. 

* Email for puppy contract:  psmotter@mlgc.com

Puppies Sold 2014

SMM Prince William (black tri male) & Vierra Miley SMM (blue eyed blue merle female)

* Click to see puppy video 1 taken 3/1/14:  Vierra Miley SMM 2/3/14 puppies

* Click to see puppy video 2 taken 3/15/14:  Vierra Miley SMM 2/3/14 puppies

SOLD! Congratulations to
Jade Olson of Fordville, ND!

blue merle female
* full collar   * blue eyes
8 lbs. at 6 weeks
A beautifully marked, very loving & cute. Handled daily. 

SOLD! Congratulations to Bryan Earehart & Katy Pope
of Wauconda, Illinois!

blue merle male
* full collar   * blue eyes         6.2 lbs at 6 weeks
 Excellent markings, small, playful & cute.

SOLD! Congratulations to Edie Miles of Pierre, South Dakota!


blue merle male
* full collar   * blue eyes
6.6 lbs at 10 weeks
 Playful, very small & cuddly.

     "Pet prices on our blue merle puppies are: $800 - $1200, pending eye color. Breeding rights on any puppy are an additional $300.  A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the puppy of your choice. The balance is due when the puppies are 8 weeks old, at which time they are usually ready to travel to their new forever loving indoor homes. A $100 discount will be given on the total purchase price if paid in full when deposit is given."

    * We do not ship puppies thru airline cargo/luggage areas.  You must fly in & transport the puppy in a carrier in the passenger section of the plane.  We recommend flying Delta or American airlines thru Hector International Airport in Fargo, North Dakota.  Contact either one of those airlines for pet shipping prices & rules.  

Puppies Sold 2013:

JULY 8, 2013 Litter:
Litter of SMM Prince William  x  SMM Allison

Congratulations to the Whittmore family of Bismarck, North Dakota!
* brown eyes   * 3/4 collar
Very small black tri female.  Dainty, playful, cuddly & so very sweet & loving.   

Congratulations to the Klettke family of  Bismarch, North Dakota!

* brown eyes   * partial collar
The largest puppy, kinda chubby! Very outgoing guy who loves attention & loves to play. What a ham he is!

Congratulations to Garrett Haakenson of Aneta, ND!


* brown eyes   * minimal collar

Very sweet, playful & cuddly little guy. Another teacher's pet from Allison. Should be a very lovable, playful & sweet puppy.



JULY 15, 2013 LITTER
Litter of:  SMM Prince William x Vierra Miley SMM

blue eyed blue merle male
Michelle Bolton Family
Garner, Kansas

brown eyed blue merle male
Erin Van Steenburgh Family
Marshfield, Massachusetts

blue eyed blue merle female
The Klettke Family
Bismarck, North Dakota

blue eyed blue merle female
Teresa Bednar
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

blue eyed black tri female
Robyn Genner
Dubois, Wyoming

blue eyed black tri female
Robyn Genner
Dubois, Wyoming
Thank you for choosing an SMM toy aussie!
brown eyed black tri female
Annelise Walker
New Bolton, New Hampshire
Thank you for choosing an SMM toy aussie!


Litter of:  SMM Prince William  x  Vierra Miley SMM

blue eyed, blue merle female
TJ & Diane Arnold
Clear Lake, Minnesota  

black tri female
The Hackel Family
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

blue eyed, blue merle female
Keith & Jaime Pochant
Coleharbor, North Dakota

black tri female
Cary, Leigh Ann & Frank Newman
Lenore, Idaho


Litter of:  SMM Prince William  x  SMM Allison

blue eyed, blue merle female
Bonnie Anderson
Glenwood City, Wisconsin

black tri male
David & Caren Earehart
South Lyon, Michigan

blue eyed, black tri female

Katie Jacobson
Soldotna, Alaska

black tri female
Katie Jacobson
Soldotna, Alaska

"A very special "Thank You" to all of you for choosing an SMM toy aussie to be the newest member of your families.  We are so pleased with the loving homes that each & every one of you are providing for our puppies.  We wish you many very happy years together."  SMM Toy Aussies





SMM Arrow
(Dampier's Luka x SMM Allison)
black tri male
Jeremy & Shaunna Bruer family
Lincoln, North Dakota

(Dampier's Luka x SMM Allison)
blue-eyed black tri male
Greg & Stephanie Fuch family
Williston, North Dakota

SMM Bella
(Dampier's Luka x SMM Allison)
blue merle female
Kenny Polk
Fullerton, California
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"A very sincere "Thank You" to the wonderful familes above for choosing their first SMM toy aussie.  We wish you many very happy years of memories together."  SMM Toy Aussies




SMM Australian Shepherds
Susan & Megan Motter
PO Box 51, Cooperstown, ND 58425
PH: (701) 797-3508
EMAIL: psmotter@mlgc.com





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