We are pleased to share some of the many candid photos we have taken over the years of our Morgans & Morgan friends.  Many photos are in dedication and appreciation to those who have purchased their Morgan from or through us. These business transactions have inspired some of our best friendships and fondest memories over the years. We wish them all continued happiness and success with their Morgan horses. 

WARNING: This page is loaded with photos and may take some time to download.


Prairie Hill Prophecy
(FCR Magic Act x Babes Raz-A-Ma-Taz Kid)
                  2014 splashsabino Morgan colt                     *First splash foal born at Prairie Hill Morgans!


Prairie Hill Amazing Grace
(FCR Magic Act x Sweet's Living Doll)
2014 splash/sabino Morgan filly


Sept. 2013 - Cooperstown, North Dakota
3 Morgan horses sold to Annika Bootsman of Sweden!  L to R:  Prairie Hill Parthenon, Susan Motter, Designer Blues, Megan Motter & Cabot Femme Fatale.


Oct. 2013 - Airport at Houston, Texas
* 3 Morgan horses sold to Sweden, in their shipping crate being loaded on board their KLM flight for export to Amsterdam.


Aug. 2014
                   Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park                     
PCR Prairie Sun & Paul Motter


Aug. 2014
Needles Eye in Teddy Roosevelt Nat'l Park (SU). Mossrose Penny & Susan Motter.


August 2014
Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park - South Unit  
near Medora, North Dakota

Fortune's Valentino & Betty Martinson


April 2013
Minnesota Horse Expo - St. Paul, MN.
Prairie Hill Morgans Booth
L to R:  Brandee Schmidt, Megan Motter
& Susan Motter



Paul Motter on PCR Prairie Sun (Bud)
Sept.  2011 - near Wind Canyon
Teddy Roosevelt National Park (south unit)
Medora, ND.



John Motter aboard Jen Don Star Attraction, July 2007, at the Needles Eye in Teddy Roosevelt Nat'l Park near Medora, ND.



Scott & Tracy Moran of Wabasha, Minnesota with their new yrlg. palomino filly - Prairie Hill Buttercup (Baptiste Newman Bluet x Prairie Hill Peggy) in May 2007.



From L to R: Pam & Brittany Johnson of Stokedale, North Carolina with their new Prairie Hil purchases - Red Rose Glory and Goldtree Athena in June of 2007.



L to R: Richard Steinbach on Oak Acres Darla; Luella Steinbach on Oak Acres Pet; Betty Martinson on Oak Acres Dude; Kathy Grenz on Oak Acres Cimmaron
(all 4 horses sired by Honor)



2004 Teddy Roosevelt Nat'l Park
Susan Motter & Flying W Kit
Deb Rubin & Prairie Hill Hercules 
(Flying W Kit x Mortana Cherinda).



Sept. 2010
Prairie Hill Apache (Baptiste Newman Bluet x Sevenpalms Taitinn Angeal) loading with Nationwide Horse Transport & traveling to his new owner, Jolene Clift, in Santa Rosa, CA.



Erika Kenner & Prairie Hill Patrica
(Bonnie Lee Shane x B Hawk Rebecca)
2002 North Star Morgan Show



June 2010 ~ Heidi Gist & Prairie Hill Honeysuckle
(Baptiste Newman Bluet x Jen Don Touch of Violet)
Wrenshall, Minnesota



Deb Frye  & Prairie Hill Galaxy
(Quantum Midnight Magic x Coachmans Momento)
Shawnee, Kansas - February 2012


(photo copyright Larry williams)

Pat Wallace of Florida & Prairie Hill Patriot
(Flying W Kit x Oak Acres Darla)



2005 Kandi Klassic Spring Morgan Show.
Kristian Miller aboard The Scholar (Bonnie Lee Shane x Oak Acres Tressey).



Melanie Pewe & Marissa of Bottineau, ND on
Prairie Hill Peaches - Memorial Day Parade 2000
(Flying W Kit x Oak Acres Darla)



Prairie Hill Patience
(Quantum Midnight Magic x Dakotas Raindancer)
Owned by Denise Adrian - Cavers
Manitoba, CANADA


(photo copyright Ober '98)

Erika Kenner & Maverick
(Townshend TKO x R Surene First Lady)
Gallatin Morgan Show - Bozeman, MT.


(photo copyright Casey McBride)

Jill Flament of Lewistown, MT & Prairie Hill Magician
(Flying W Kit x Bonnie Lee Bellarina)
2000 North Star Show at St Paul, MN.



Alice Schwols accepting an award (I believe 1986) presented by the North Dakota MorganAssn. for breeding Oak Acres Morgans for 37 years.

She lived at Devils Lake, ND during that time & passed away in September, 1987.


In fond remembrance of:

"Official Trail Ride Camp Cook"
Bob Martinson
Passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 3, 2004.

37 inch, 17 lb. norther Pike caught
ice fishing in North Dakota
January, 2000



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